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Plastic reduction project

Trying to reduce my plastic footprint one container at a time

I’ve been taking stock of the amount of plastic we have in our house by room; the kitchen, the bathroom etc. I know that I have to make some changes, and in order for that change to be lasting, I need to focus my efforts on one area, and improve that. So I did an audit of the plastic I was using in my bathroom. I focussed on my own use, and not things that we broadly use as a family as I figured I should be a guinea pig for my own plastic consumption first THEN force it on the whole house ;-)

I plan to use up the things I have first and as they run out, replace them with non-plastic options. No point in just binning all the stuff I have now and buying new things.

Below is the stuff I use that has plastic packaging.

plastic, plastic, PLASTIC

plastic, plastic, PLASTIC

I pretty much ran out of shampoo straight away so that has been the first thing that I have replaced. I’m using Frizz Wrangler made by Ethique. This brand has been recommended on insta to me by a few people. It’s been OK but I find after some washes my hair is really dry and frizzy - which is NOT my aim. It’s possible that because I am still using my old conditioner it’s not playing along nicely. So I’ll keep using the bar until it’s all up. Some blogs I have read say to skip conditioner all together and rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar. I have quite a bit of conditioner to use up though (I use a lot so have a bulk bottle to use up), so will explore that when it’s all done.

My body scrub gave out today, so I have another Ethique product lined up; the lime and ginger body polish and I’ll report back on that later.

I have tried out two different brands of bamboo toothbrushes as well, but we still have quite a few plastic ones to use up first before I start that. I tried out bamboo toothbrushes about eight years ago, but I found my gums did not like them for some reason, and one of the brands I tried did the same thing (someone pointed out to me that maybe a “medium” could be replaced by a “soft” so will give that a go). The one I am using now drops it’s bristles a little too much despite being a new brush. But with them being compostable, I can cope with having to pick out the odd stray bristle from my mouth with washing, and this brush doesn’t seem to mess with my gums so could be an option once all the plastic ones are up. Sore gums I cannot cope with though so the search continues and there are quite a few brands to try out. I’m also a sucker for the colours of the brushes we use, but I can also be an adult and forego the joy I get from choosing a new brush colour when I need a new one.

So out of thirteen plastic things I use in the bathroom, I have replaced the shampoo and the body scrub. Eleven to go!

There has been some great inspiration to make this change on instagram. Aja Barber doesn’t accept sponsorships on her page, but she does accept gifts, so she is very honest about her experiences using the products sent to her. She has been a tremendous source of information about plastic free and sustainable options and I have really valued her opinions. Have a look at her instagram profile, and Aja also has a patreon community where she regularly shares information and news on sustainable fashion. I can recommend supporting Aja’s work via patreon - she keeps it BS free and very real. Love her work so much!