So what's been going on?

Yesterday I was given a reason to revisit my site and update some of my work. I was also horrified to realise it had been over nine months since my last blog post. 

But boy, 2016 has gone fast. I know it's the same for most people I know - all of a sudden I have been thinking about summer school holidays, end of year assignments, and what we may be doing on NYE.

I have been doing my masters full time which has...well, taken up a lot of time but it's been great. I also just saw that my profile has been put up in the student profile section - have a look here (and yes, I had my hair done that day...why can't it be like that everyday? )


I've been having a great time working at Fairfax for the AFR. Survived the election, the BRW Rich List, and about to launch into the next round of the AFR Executive Salary series.  I have also been doing the odd freelance project, but have had to essentially stop doing this. Uni and work have meant there is not much extra time to pursue or complete these projects. 

I managed to fit in a half marathon in the early stages of 2016, plus attend a machine knitting course. Running has slowed down a lot though over the past few months. We had a family holiday though in Malaysia and Singapore and it was great. Uni still provides me with lots of stimulation and this semester I am doing two great subjects and I hope to be able to share some of the outputs that I am working on - one on gender diversity and how it relates to financial performance of companies, and another on the speech of Australian Prime Ministers. 

Generally life is full and it is good!