come for the viz, stay for the craft (or vice versa)



We are heading to see my husband's parents and having a family holiday. Well, we should technically be in the air now, but our flight has been cancelled until tomorrow. It looks really warm were we are headed, even at my in-laws place, which can be quite cool and wet even in summer.

I'm pretty excited as most of the clothes I'm taking are made by me. They are not fancy, or tricky sews; just simple shapes with many in linen. And because I've been thinking long and hard about everything I buy fabric-wise (does it go with something else I own? Do I really need this...) they all sort of match with one and other. So I've managed to pack a small amount of things that create a multitude of outfits. This is a big deal for me. All the planning is finally falling into place. Go me!

My husband was in the city yesterday with my son trying to find summer-friendly clothes in the middle of winter and not having much luck. I was at home sewing three tops and a dress. It was a marathon session (with a little run down to the river in between to stretch and enjoy the sun) but I managed to make these lovely things that I am so happy with, and I was so happy that the means of (clothing) production largely sit with me right now. 

Hopefully I can post some updates while we are away, to let you know if this me-made wardrobe travel thing is working out.  It's an ideal scenario to test out a capsule wardrobe. 

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