come for the viz, stay for the craft (or vice versa)


Hello blog people

I've been bugging myself to start a blog again for a few months. A place to record my thoughts on making visualisations and clothes. I thought about making a site for data and a site for making, but that would be too hard for me to manage. I hope the collision of things isn't too confusing for you.

This making stuff (sewing, knitting) has been very rewarding and I have Thoughts about it. How it slows me down and makes me reflect on my consumption. How it's equally hard and frustrating, and easy and rewarding. 

The data stuff. I have Thoughts about that too. And sometimes I need to write things out to make sense of this thinking. I am teaching next semester and it's probably a good time to start capturing this thinking and getting a bit more disciplined about writing. 

I'm also trying to start running a bit more regularly again, And yes, I also think about running, and energy and letting go of the idea that in order to run I need to be training for something big again. And when I think like that I just don't run. So, I've been trying to run small distances a few times a week - 3-4km and it's been really enjoyable, and I feel a lot better.

So, back to blogging. I'm trying to sort out my template on square space so excuse the random content if it pops up here and there. Hope you enjoy the read!


Cooks River mangroves, 2018

Cooks River mangroves, 2018

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