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Shoreditch High Street, London

Camille Walala | Third Draw Down store / Prahran

(via Interview · Camille Walala | The Design Files)

(via Annie Atkins - Poster Girl — The Prowlster The Prowlster)

Read about the meticulous design that sits behind The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Using burgers in the same way I sometimes use Oblique Strategies. Am I using the wrong tool I wonder?

(Via FastCo Design)

(via It’s Nice That : Art: Paper envelopes made into traditional quilts by Stephen Sollins)

Interactive NYFW by NYT. One of the best ways I’ve seen so view the collections. Love the Fashion Fingerprints section that breaks down the colour palette of each collection.

A new issue and a nice redesign of the Gentelwoman site

Illustration by Ellekookoo

(via It’s Nice That : Illustration: Check out Israeli illustrator Ellakookoo’s new style - wow!)

I say moderately large because I don’t really believe there is such a thing as big data

R tips for moderately large data | (R news & tutorials)

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